2 January 2009

Just as reliable but much more productive

The TruLaser Series 3000 accounts for almost two-thirds of the Trumpf flat bed installations worldwide, a statistic that equates to many thousands of machines. Exceptional reliability has been this model’s overriding strength and TRUMPF has naturally ensured its successor inherits this quality but it is also much more productive.

The new streamlined TruLaser 3030 NEW looks every inch a well engineered product. Being shown for the first time in the UK at Trumpf Open ’08 it is equipped with an energy-saving 5kW CO2 laser for cutting sheet up to 25mm thick. Instead of a three-phase servo motor, the long X axis is powered by a gearless motor that distinguishes itself by its very high torque. Y and Z are driven by wear-free, non-lube linear motors.

These changes increase simultaneous axis speed considerably, from 85 m/min on the original design to 140m/min on the TruLaser 3030 NEW. Additionally, the FastLine process is now a standard feature ensuring a smooth transition between piercing and cutting to reduce processing time for thin sheet by an average of 20%. The TruLaser 3030 NEW has been designed for energy efficient productivity. Another example of this is when the laser is not cutting the radial fan goes into standby mode to save power.

A significant benefit is the inclusion of a universal cutting head for the entire range of sheet thicknesses. Where there was once the need for up to three cutting heads to be exchanged to accord with the sheet thickness, the new TruLaser 3030 NEW requires just one. It is a feature that was originally introduced on the TruLaser Series 5000. Downtime for head exchange is therefore a thing of the past. The optional nozzle changer with 18 nozzles has also been completely re-designed and now only takes 20 seconds to make the change.

Machine and process protection is also enhanced. Should the sheet and cutting head collide, an intelligent cutting head interface protects the machine from damage. It works like a ski binding, releasing the cutting head on contact and allowing it to return to its home position. In the event of more serious collisions the operator can manually re-set the cutting head.

Another problem that can be easily overcome on the TruLaser 3030 NEW is inconsistent sheet quality. If a ‘bad sheet’ reaches the machine the AdjustLine function can be brought into play. At the push of a button the appropriate cutting parameters can be selected ensuring maximum material usage and continued production.

Set-up flexibility is also far superior on the TruLaser 3030 NEW. Previously, sheet could only be fed parallel to the machine. Now it is also possible for the pallet changer to be positioned perpendicular to the machine. This reduces the required installation space by about 20%. As a result the machine can be accommodated in machine shops where space is at a premium. A further advantage of the perpendicular position is that it provides the operator with a view of the entire process from the control panel.

The automation options available on the original TruLaser Series 3000 are also available on the TruLaser 3030 NEW but there is also one important addition. In line with the space-saving credentials of the machine LiftMaster Compact is also available to help the customer achieve maximum productivity in minimum space.

Both the control panel and indeed the entire operating concept of the TruLaser 3030 NEW have been completely re-designed. The result is an ergonomic, free swivel-mounted panel, a self-explanatory touch screen and a control system that is designed to need just a few command clicks.
Even routine maintenance is greatly simplified on this new addition. All systems and components that need regular service are located in one area at the back of the machine and are easily accessed via a single service point – another time-saving feature.

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