14 January 2009

More efficient slag removal

Trumpf won the German Government’s Award for Innovation with its original design of slat cleaner. This special tool allows the operators of flatbed lasers to remove slag quickly and easily from the machine’s support slats. Previously this was accomplished by chipping the slag off with a hammer, an unpleasant task that took hours. Often the build up was so great that slats had to be frequently replaced adding to process costs.

Now the Trumpf Slat Cleaner has been further developed so that it can be operated by just one person. The operator simple switches on the TruTool TSC2, sets it in a row of slats and the device removes the slag under its own power. An optional and specially developed guiding rod allows the slat cleaner to travel the end of the pallet. Once there it can be retracted and re-set to clean the next row. TruTool TSC2 is also more efficient as it incorporates a steel brush to remove loose slag between slats.

Clean slats are important to the process stability of laser cutting machines. If slag is allowed to build up not only is the quality of the process compromised but so too is the quality of the finished parts.
In addition to improved performance this second generation device incorporates a range of features to both simplify maintenance and lengthen service intervals. The TruTool TSC2 can be used on practically all conventional flatbed laser machines enabling slats to be cleaned several times before they have to be replaced. This can yield savings of up to 75% and even when compared to manual slag removal, costs are at least two thirds lower.

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