28 January 2009

Lasermet?s new LED powered laser warning sign combines low voltage with high clarity

Lasermet, innovative market leaders in laser safety solutions, have recently launched a new low-voltage LED powered Laser Warning Sign, the LEDS-L-2W.

Designed by Lasermet’s expert team of laser engineers, this sign allows laser users to protect their facilities with an unambiguous warning displayed in a modern, self-contained package.

The LEDS-L-2W can be used as a two-way sign where a red DANGER LASER ON message or a green NO HAZARD LASER OFF message is displayed on the same part of the screen depending on whether the laser is enabled or disabled. Alternatively, it can be used as a one-way sign displaying the red message when the laser is enabled and no message when it is disabled.

Being relatively compact (just 160mm wide x 108mm high x 38.5mm deep) this LED sign can be mounted wherever it will be most noticeable, often between the door handle and eye height.

The LEDS-L-2W Laser Warning Sign is fully compatible with the Lasermet family of ICS Laser Safety Interlock Systems, which can automatically switch the sign on or off as part of a fully-integrated laser safety system.

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