5 February 2009

SPI Lasers Releases Fiber Laser for Multi-kW Systems

SPI Lasers, a leading designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers, today announced the introduction a range of high power OEM fiber lasers, which can be used stand alone or incorporated into high power laser systems for cutting and welding applications in the industrial macro market. Integration and beam combination of multiple units, typically in the range 300-500W offers a highly flexible power scaleable product architecture enabling a wide range of applications such as for high speed metal cutting, remote welding and materials processing in the industrial and automotive sectors.

The OEM fiber lasers are available with 400W output using high reliability single emitter integrated pump diodes. It can be supplied with collimated output optics or bare fiber output for integration with either bulk optic or fiber based beam combining technologies.

Operational benefits of multi-kW fiber lasers over “incumbent” technologies include; high wall plug efficiency, outstanding performance with state of the art beam quality (fiber delivered), simple & rapid installation, and straightforward operation, with high reliability resulting in maintenance free operation.

David Parker, CEO of SPI Lasers added "The introduction of the high power OEM product enables SPI Lasers to operate in the high power industrial laser market. Stackability, performance and flexibility combined with power and control, are some of the key features that have been taken into consideration here and deliver a physically small yet efficient and cost effective solution for systems providers looking to develop a kW or multi-kW cutting, welding or drilling laser."

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