12 February 2009

Prima North America announces publication of a new Laserdyne 795 Laser System brochure

Prima North America, the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, announced publication of a new, eight page brochure describing the Laserdyne 795 system. The 795 is the premier multi-axis laser processing system for drilling, cutting, and welding precision components.

All new and in full color, this brochure shows detailed pictures of the 795 system, its many exclusive operating features along with operating specifications.

The new Laserdyne 795 system is a moving beam, 5-axis (6-axis with optional rotary table) laser system designed for precision drilling, cutting and welding small to large 3-D parts. This system features exceptional accuracy throughout the system’s very large work envelope, making it ideal for laser processing complex parts and assemblies such as aerospace and turbine combustors.
The brochure is divided into 5 reasons that the Laserdyne 795 System has set the industry standard for multi-axis laser systems. Each reason is explained with text and photos and is substantiated by a user case history.

For over 25 years Laserdyne Systems has been designing, manufacturing and supporting turnkey laser systems since the first installation in 1982. This brochure explains how the 795 has become the most advanced multi-axis laser system yet developed by the PRIMA North America engineering staff.
Included in the brochure is a handy contact reference to Prima worldwide locations that provide sales and service for the Laserdyne 795 system. These locations include facilities in Europe, Asia and North America.

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