12 February 2009

Newport Introduces the PV IsoStation? Vibration Isolation Workstation for Photovoltaic Applications

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in lasers and photonics solutions, today introduced the latest addition to its industry-leading portfolio of Photovoltaic development solutions - the PV IsoStation™ Series Workstations. Newport's PV IsoStation Workstation is a unique, 36"x 60" ergonomic workstation specifically designed for PV test and development applications. It features integrated storage and shelving for instruments, solar simulators and other devices and a specially treated worksurface that reduces light reflectivity by a factor of six compared to typical optical table surfaces. The PV IsoStation workstation is ideal for a wide range of photovoltaic applications.

According to Warren Booth, Product Line Manager for Newport's line of optical tables and vibration isolation systems, "We have been very pleased at the acceptance of our new workstation at some of our leading PV industry accounts and the benefits that this new solution provides to support the development and efficiency improvement of both thin film and silicon based cells. We are hopeful that the features of this new product will position it to be the platform of choice for applications including I-V testing, quantum efficiency (QE) testing of solar cells, light-biased QE testing, photoluminescence lifetime measurements and pump probe and 2D IR study of charge transfer in organic solar cells. This new workstation complements our renowned Oriel solar simulation line of products for both PV and LHS markets, particularly in solar testing applications at leading cosmetics and skin care companies where improved UV protection of topical agents is essential".

Newport's PV IsoStation Workstation features a black shelving system for supporting instruments, a low reflectivity, black RG series breadboard, a rigid black support structure with built in cabinets, 19" standard instrument rack and casters for easy mobility.

The RG series 3' x 5' breadboard is a lightweight honeycomb structure that superior to granite or steel plate platforms and much easier to assemble and move. The breadboard surface has a durable black matte finish on the surface and has a ¼-20 hole pattern on 1" centers. The instrument rack is a standard 19" rack mount integrated into the workstation fame. The rack is constructed of welded heavy gauge steel for stability and ruggedness.

Far more rigid than sheet stock rolled C-channel frames, the PV tubular construction is easier to clean and does not have crevices to collect contaminates. The PV frame comes standard in powder coat black. The workstation frame is enclosed on all sides, except the rear, with two doors opening toward the front of the workstation.

For more information on Newport's PV IsoStation vibration isolation system, please visit the company's website:

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