18 February 2009

nLIGHT Expands Pearl? Fibre-Coupled Diode Laser Platform into 88x Nanometre Wavelength Spectrum with Industry Leading Efficiency

nLIGHT Corporation recently announced the expansion of its Pearl™ solid-state laser platform into wavelengths 879 to 888 nanometre (nm), with electrical-optical efficiency greater than 50 percent, and power levels up to 100 watts (W). This industry leading performance enables a new class of air-cooled laser systems, and penetration into new markets and applications.

Power levels up to 100 W are available at 879, 885 and 888 nm with nLIGHT’s proprietary PowerCore™ fibre at 400 or 600 micron (µm). Operating efficiencies of 50 to 60 percent result in significantly less heat.

Utilising Pearl™ with upper-state pumping of Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 allows the design and manufacture of air-cooled diode-pumped solid-state laser systems. Due to Pearl™’s unique single emitter architecture, narrow spectral widths of less than 3.5 nm full width at half maximum (FWHM) can be maintained.

nLIGHT’s nXLT™ diode technology enables long lifetime, even under harsh industrial conditions with repeated on/off cycles, and nLIGHT’s PowerCore™ fibre provides consistent beam quality and power transmission independent of fibre layout and movement.

“Customers are reacting with great enthusiasm to our solid-state laser pump series, and many see the 879 to 888 nm series as crucial to their development of next-generation laser systems”, comments Rob Martinsen, nLIGHT VP of Product Development. “By offering engineers sources optimised for upper-state pumping, combined with superior diode efficiency, a clear roadmap to air-cooled laser systems is established.”

The Pearl™ solid-state laser pump series can be optimised for your specific needs, with power levels varying from 20 to 100 W, wavelengths spanning from 795 to 888 nm, and various fibre core size and length options.

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