18 February 2009

Rofin-Baasel Welding & Marking Lasers on Show at Spring Fair 2009

With over 30,000 systems installed worldwide, Rofin has dedicated itself to becoming the leading manufacturer of lasers and laser based solutions for marking, welding and materials processing across a wide range of industries.

The jewellery manufacturing industry requires precision and consistent performance together with quality and finish requirements which are exceptionally high by any industry standard. Rofin’s laser technology has now reached a level where there are products and solutions available for a diverse range of jewellery applications, and examples of systems and solutions for welding and marking will be included on the Rofin-Baasel stand at the Spring Fair Exhibition on 1st to 5th February 2009.
mongst this year’s exhibits will be systems dedicated to jewellery manufacture and repair and jewellery marking.

Jewellery Marking Made Easy
The particular requirements of jewellery manufacturers were the prime focus for Rofin when designing the Easy Jewel (Fig.1) marking system. As a result, all typical jewellery marking tasks are performed effortlessly with perfect results every time. The numerous design features of EasyJewel make the once difficult tasks, such as marking the inside of wide or irregular shaped rings, simple to achieve. A single fixture enables marking on the inside or outside and also on the faces or edges of the part. EasyJewel enables permanent marking onto almost any material including platinum, gold, silver and titanium with high speed and high precision. The new Easy Jewel system is suitable for jewellery manufacturing, trade shops and novelty product applications.

StarWeld Performance - Technology and Skill in Equal Measure
Also on show at Spring Fair will be the StarWeld Performance. The design and configuration of the StarWeld Performance laser welder (Fig.2) allows the skill and innovation of the jeweller to be enhanced by the precision joining technology of the laser. The components are held in the hands underneath the laser beam, with the precise location of the laser weld accurately viewed through a microscope.

Manual laser welding allows platinum, gold, silver, stainless steel and titanium together with other metals and alloys, to be joined together without the use of soldering. A laser weld is strong and pure even in areas where it would be hard to gain access through any other joining technique. More often than not if you can see the joint you can weld it.

Today having supplied over 4,500 of these systems to a combination of jewellery designers, manufacturers, high street jewellers and repair workshops, Rofin-Baasel continues to be the clear market leader within the jewellery sector.

Desktop Welding Technology from Rofin

The Starweld Desktop is the smallest of Rofin’s highly successful manual welding systems. Offering a compact low-cost and multi-purpose manual welding laser, the Desktop (Fig.3) has been designed to fulfil the specific requirements of dental laboratories, jewellery repair workshops and research institutes. In addition to the manufacture and repair of jewellery, the production and repair of crowns and bridges within the dental industry, the laser also achieves excellent results in the precision welding of electronic components, and electro-mechanical mechanisms. The Desktop system is also ideally suited to the production of medical devices, instruments and implants.

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