4 March 2009

id Quantique?s High Precision Photon Counting Modules Now Available In The UK From Photonic Solutions

Photonic Solutions are pleased to announce that we can now offer the full range of id Quantique’s high precision photon counting avalanche photodiodes (APD’s), together with their id300 short-pulse laser source.

Offering the id100 series, id101 series and the id150 series for the visible range, id201 series for the infrared spectral range and the id400 series for 1064nm, these single photon counter modules are able to detect weak optical signals down to the single photon level. They offer best-in-class timing resolution of 40ps with record-low dead times of 45ns and out-perform existing commercial detectors in all applications requiring single photon detection with high timing accuracy.

The id100 is based on a reliable silicon avalanche photodiode, is sensitive from 350nm to 900nm and has excellent timing stability up to count rates of 20MHz. The id101 series targets OEM applications by offering the world's smallest photon counter for the visible range. Intended for large-volume OEM applications, the id150-1x8 is the only multichannel solid-state single photon detector on the market, the chip combining 8 in-line single photon avalanche diodes that can be accessed simultaneously for parallel processing. Featuring InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiodes for single photon detection, the id201 series are ideally suited to infrared measurements in the spectral range from 900-1700nm. The id201 has is peak detection efficiency at telecom wavelength 1310nm and 1550nm. Finally, the id400 is a single-photon detector specifically designed for detection around 1064nm.

id Quantiques’s id300 short-pulse laser source is an externally-triggered optical source that generates 300ps laser pulses at repetition rates from DC to 500MHz at wavelengths 1310nm and 1550nm. Used in combination with a variable optical attenuator, this source becomes an ideal and cost-effective single photon source.

Contact: Doug Neilson

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