5 March 2009

Additional investment brings work in house

Six years ago Econ Engineering Limited, manufacturers of highway maintenance vehicles including snow ploughs, road menders and road gritters, invested in a Bystronic Bystar 4020, 4 kW laser cutting system - this Bystar has served the company proud with over 26,000 cutting hours. Econ Engineering has taken the decision to invest again with Bystronic UK Limited with equipment valued at in excess of £690,000 for a Bystronic Bystar L 4.25 x 6.5 metre laser cutting system equipped with 4.4 kW resonator and a Bystronic PR press brake.

Colin Trewhitt, Econ Engineering’s production controller, comments: “In today’s environment we feel it is vitally important to keep manufacturing techniques up-to-date and keep the factory running at its absolute best, hence the need for investment.”

The company looked at various suppliers before once again opting for Bystronic.
Mr Trewhitt continues: “One of the most important requirements of the machines was that they had to be able to handle our larger sized components which were being subcontracted out as our existing equipment just could not process them. We wanted to bring everything in-house, under our control.
“We naturally investigated the market thoroughly and in terms of the laser cutting centre it came down to two suppliers. It was actually the Bystonic software which swung the decision! The laser is so easy to program, the information is all there at a click of the mouse.”

“The press brake will be mounted in tandem to an existing 320 tonne x 4100mm machine to give over 7 metres of bending when synchronised together or the flexibility of two machines when being used to form shorter components.”

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