30 March 2009

Laser Beam Products invests to maintain ?best in class? productivity

Laser Beam Products, the biggest manufacturer of infra red mirrors in the UK, has invested over £100k in a bid to meet the increase in demand from customers on product specifications.

The Bedfordshire based company has taken several steps to ensure that they continue to supply their customer’s with products which are of the highest standard, including the installation of several new test equipment machines and a factory makeover.

A second phase shifting interferometer measures flatness to 1/10 of a wavelength for military customers who demand copies of test results for every individual part: for surface quality a measuring microscope with custom designed illumination for highly reflective surfaces, and to ensure products arrive in top quality a Class 100 laminar flow booth for inspection and packing.

The factory itself received an overhaul to house the new equipment and to improve on the surroundings to ensure production continues in the best of environments.

Mark Wilkinson, Managing Director of Laser Beam Products, comments: “Our team have always ensured that our infra red mirrors are delivered to the highest standard, in fact our products have always been more durable than our competitors due to the fact that we polish and gold plate the mirrors by traditional polishing methods. To ensure that we maintain this ‘best in class’ standard however we felt it vital to invest in the latest technology to guarantee the continuation of this high specification which our customers have come to expect.

One military customer now issues our deliveries straight to their assembly teams, confident that mirrors are within specification and fully documented. This saves them inspection time, unnecessary handling of delicate parts, and lowers their inventory.

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