30 March 2009

varioSCAN 20i ? Digital control for smart focusing

Building on SCANLAB’s highly successful intelliSCAN® series of digitally controlled scan heads, the varioSCAN 20i delivers unprecedented Z axis performance for applications requiring highly dynamic and precise positioning within a 3D processing volume. The varioSCAN 20i delivers twice the Z focus shift than previously available on a standard varioSCAN.

The varioSCAN 20i’s true digital encoder feedback and control system offers the advantage of improved dynamics, elimination of drift effects, and a wide variety of operational data returned to the RTC® PC Interface board via a separate status channel.

Users now have the possibility of monitoring the actual position values of the varioSCAN 20i during the entire run time of an application as well as querying data from a comprehensive suite of operational parameters available via the varioSCAN 20i’s separate status channel.

SCANLAB’s innovative iDRIVE® technology continuously raises the standard of high performance laser beam positioning in 3 axes.

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