31 March 2009

ES Technology expand the range of DILAS diode laser products available within the United Kingdom

ES Technology Limited is the United Kingdom distributor for the ever growing range of DILAS diode laser components. The first two months of 2009 has seen the introduction to the UK of no fewer than four new diode laser products from DILAS.

Horizontal Stacked Arrays
DILAS offers the broadest range of horizontal stacked arrays, from two through thirteen bars available at wavelengths of 808nm and 940nm. Designed as a compact and easy-to-integrate package, DILAS’ linear arrays deliver high-power output while offering simplified water-cooling requirements. The low thermal resistance of the package and efficient cooling permits CW operation at highest output power levels, or QCW operation at up to 50% duty factor. These extremely powerful arrays can be configured in either a side-by-side arrangement or any other custom pattern, in order to deliver maximum power density required for the application.

With superior lifetime characteristics and a mean time to failure (MTTF) of over 20,000 hours further lowering their total cost of ownership, DILAS horizontal arrays are primarily intended as a line source for side pumping of solid-state lasers. Custom configurations and additional wavelengths are also available.

New Fibre-Coupled Multi-Bar Module – Delivers 500W from a 400µm Fibre
The latest firer-coupled, multi-bar modules from DILAS are capable of delivering up to 500 watts output from a 400-micron fibre at 976nm. DILAS fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules lead the industry in both brightness and power, featuring a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam. These fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules deliver 500W through a cladding mode free QBH high-power 400μm core diameter fibre with a low numerical aperture of <0.2 and WPE of >35%.

Packaged in up to 12-bar configurations, these designs are based on industry standard conductively-cooled bars, which are optically stacked and polarization coupled. The product requires only industrial water for cooling. Achieving high brightness and high efficiency, this new module has demonstrated lifetime greater than 10,000 hours at 500W CW operating condition. Custom wavelengths are also available upon request. These fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules are ideal for direct diode application as well as fibre and solid-state laser pumping.

Wavelength Stabilized High-Power Diode Lasers
DILAS has now introduced wavelength stabilized technology for its high-power fibre-coupled diode lasers. Delivering superior wavelength stability with respect to temperature, current and operating hours - the new wavelength stabilized fibre-coupled diode lasers are available from 25W output from a 200μm up to 400W output from a 400μm fibre core diameter (0.22NA). With narrow line width of <0.5nm at full width half maximum, the typical wavelength-temperature drift is 0.01nm per Kelvin.
DILAS’ wavelength stabilized technology will appeal to customers who demand spectral brightness in both ideal and harsh operating environments. Improving the wavelength stability of the diode lasers leads to higher system efficiency, higher reliability, longer lifetime and overall lower operating costs. These new diode lasers, now available from ES Technology, are an ideal solution for customers demanding high power and high brightness in their applications with a narrow absorption bandwidth such as pumping of solid-state lasers, fibre lasers and optical pumping of alkaline vapours.

This wavelength stabilized technology is available in fibre-coupled diode lasers at stabilized wavelengths of 808nm, 940nm, 976nm or 981nm. Other wavelength’s such as 795nm are available upon request.

Fibre-Coupled Diode Laser Bar Enables Un-polarized Output
The fourth DILAS product introduced into the UK by ES Technology recently is a high-power fibre-coupled module which enables a “truly” un-polarized optical output beam. Within the fibre-coupled module architecture, DILAS uses a polarization scrambler to achieve random polarization. With a degree of polarization at <0.1, this product is ideal for a wide array of OEM pumping applications. Prime targets for this technology are diode-pumped solid-state laser manufactures demanding increased stability for their next generation products. Using this latest DILAS product, manufacturers can realise desirable advantages by increasing stability, therefore leading to robust and cost-effective system designs.

Standard modules are now available up to 40W at 808nm, 880nm, 915nm, 940nm and 980nm wavelengths with a numerical aperture of 0.22 from 400μm core fibres, making it the most reliable and highest-performing fibre-coupled module available today. Measuring less than 100x31x20mm (LxWxH), this industry-standard package boasts a wall plug efficiency (WPE) >35%. The modules typically operate at 55A of current with a compliance voltage of 1.8V. Standard wavelength tolerances are +/-3nm with spectral widths less than 5nm.

ES Technology Limited also provides sub-contract laser marking services, after sales service and parts, sales and service for ULS flatbed CO2 lasers and the design and manufacture of laser marking systems. The company is also the United Kingdom and Ireland distributor for Concept Laser GmbH and their range of LaserCUSING® systems. The addition of these new DILAS products further enhances the portfolio of laser related products and services available from ES Technology.

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