31 March 2009

RTC®5 ? The Newest-Generation RTC® Controllers for Galvanometer Scan Systems

SCANLAB’s RTC®5 is available as a PC interface board − and now also as a PC/104-Plus module. Compared to its RTC4 predecessor, the RTC®5 supports a 16x higher positioning resolution of 20 bits with the new SL2-100 data transfer protocol.

“Processing on the fly” customers will particularly appreciate the new 16x expanded virtual working field with 24-bit vector coordinates. The RTC®5’s core user-application structure retains extensive compatibility − especially for list and control commands. Yet it also presents a multitude of new possibilities for list management and subroutine storage.

The inclusion of short list commands enables customers to access peripheral interfaces etc. without interrupting polygonal traversal (while the laser remains on). Freely-configurable list memory has been increased to one million positions, a portion of which is write-protectable. Innovative commands for automatic laser control enable the implementation of automatic (position/speed/vector-dependent) laser-power readjustment during execution of vector and arc commands.

This can produce more consistent and line widths − or be used to intentionally vary the power applied along a vector in welding applications.

Thanks to flexible board management, multiple RTC®5 boards can be used in a single PC − and multiple applications can reciprocally access the boards (multiprocessing). Moreover, multiple RTC®5 boards can be synchronized in master/slave mode.

An RS232 interface, additional I/O signals and stepper motor control signals provide even further functionality.

Your SCANLAB team will be glad to explain the RTC®5’s additional advantages.

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