31 March 2009

Multiple process laser machine

The wide range of processes that the new TruLaser Robot 5020 can seamlessly perform provides the customer with the utmost flexibility. It allows laser welding, laser cutting and component coating by laser deposition welding on one production system. A key ingredient in this flexibility is the new Trumpf LaserTech processing software that allows users to switch between applications without the need for additional programming. Also the robot cell’s processing optic is specially designed so that users can effect a quick process change.

The TruLaser Robot 5020 is the only robot cell to have a magnet coupling that enables users to easily replace the processing optic when switching processes. The automatic adjustment of the focus position of the processing optic is another novel feature. This makes it possible to switch between deep welding and heat conduction welding in one processing cycle.

The production flexibility of this cell doesn’t stop there. The integrated welding wire feed also expands the welding options. Another valuable addition is the new zero-point clamping system that ensures components are positioned with repeated precision.

Producers of one-offs and small batches will benefit significantly from the TruLaser Robot 5020. The option to programme the process offline allows the operator to work on one order whilst programming the next and feed it straight into the robot system.

The TruLaser Robot 5020 is a standardised, modular robot cell whose elements can be specified to suit the precise needs of the manufacturer. In addition to the laser, optic and robot, the system comes complete with positioning equipment and safety enclosure. The laser beam is routed to the processing optic on the robotic arm by means of a flexible fibre optic cable. Accordingly the system can be upgraded at any time to incorporate additional machines with the laser either being switched or time-shared between machines. This means that machine capacity can be doubled for less than half the cost of an additional complete system.

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