9 April 2009

More than a brochure for Automation Controls Solutions from Aerotech

Aerotech has released a new 72-page brochure that highlights its complete range of high performance motion and machine controls, software, drives, and motor technologies. The Automation Control Solutions brochure uses an uncomplicated presentation style with actual screen shots, simple graphics, bullet points and application examples that combine to demonstrate how its advanced controls, software tools and highly-developed product lines can provide real and measurable benefits such as faster production throughput, reduced development timescales and significantly improved final product quality.

Available as a PDF download from <> or in hard copy from any Aerotech office or distribution partner, the new brochure compares the significant features of its three motion and machine controller lines - the PC based Automation A3200 for multi axis motion and machine control; the stand-alone single axis Soloist™; and the stand -alone multi axis Ensemble™ range. Each benefits from a scalable and common software platform which makes configuration, set-up, diagnostics, program development and data acquisition straightforward. Supported languages include C#, VB.NET®, Managed C++, LabVIEW® (VIs provided), EtherNet/IP™ and EPICS as well as Aerotech’s own AeroBASIC™.

Advanced commands covered in the new Automation Control Solutions brochure include the newly introduced Harmonic Cancellation command that significantly reduces position error on motion trajectories; Position Synchronised Output (PSO) which completely synchronises multi-axis motion with laser firing output; and Friction Compensation for reduced error on direction reversals for multi axis compound positioning. All of these commands and many other illustrated are field proven and are major contributors to improved throughput and quality performance across application areas as diverse as medical stent manufacture, holographic writing, packaging machine control or semiconductor die bonding. Complete systems which combine many of these advanced controls, such as the SSaM Nmark™ Laser Marking System are also discussed.

The new information resource also includes detailed sections on networking capabilities of each controller range, comprehensive controller comparison charts, information on wired and fully tested Aerotech ‘Nsys’ control consoles and a machine safety overview for all levels of customised systems supplied. Controller and drive technology discussion also extends to a feature analysis for direct on line and individually powered versions the Ndrive®, Ensemble and Soloist ranges as well as overviews of the amplifiers and servomotor technologies that are available.

The new Automation Control Solutions brochure rounds everything off with a market and industries guide, application information and details of its worldwide training and support programme.

The brochure is available in English and German.

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