20 April 2009

Fire station receives specialist training

When the Stopsley Fire Station recently conducted a routine fact-finding inspection of Luton-based Trumpf Limited, it became clear they needed to know more than just the layout of the building.

The Station was on site to map out a plan of the company’s factory, complete with its many sheet metalworking machines, so that it would be better informed in the event of a fire. However, as laser technology is central to many of these machines it was agreed that a greater understanding of process could provide valuable knowledge.

As Watch Commander Andy Warner explained, “We realised there are added concerns when dealing with processes that involve gases. It’s important that we know how to isolate the supply to minimise any risk of explosion.”

Trumpf was delighted to share its specialist knowledge in this regard and organised a specific seminar for the firefighters. It gave them a grounding in laser production processes and insight into any potential flashpoints on the machines.

“The Stopsley firefighters showed great initiative here and we were more than happy to support them,” added Dave Foulks, General Manager of Trumpf Limited. “Collaboration such as this benefits everybody.”

Several of Trumpf’s customers saw their businesses devastated by the fire that started at the Buncefield oil depot in December 2005. Memories of that disaster remain with the Stopsley Fire Station but as a result of its training with Trumpf it now has even greater expertise to address the needs of local industry and its surrounding community.

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