27 April 2009

TXD resists surge voltage spikes of 6000V

The fields of telecommunication, office equipment and lighting have been placing ever greater demands on high voltage technology, pushing relay engineering into new frontiers.

Panasonic has responded with the new TXD relay, which can now withstand voltage spikes of up to 6kV.
Voltage spikes in the kilovolt range no longer result primarily from lightning strikes but are “man-made.” High voltage components are found in everyday equipment, from printers and fax machines to high intensity discharge ballasts. As networks and the equipment connected to them continue to expand in public, office and home applications, high voltage spikes have become a serious concern. In the case of failure or when such equipment approaches “end-of-life”, the probability of high voltage spikes increases dramatically, and costs resulting from damage and downtime can be overwhelming.

To safeguard your equipment, Panasonic Electric Works has drastically improved the contact-to-coil insulation of its TXD relay portfolio. In contrast to insulation between contacts, contact-to-coil insulation prevents damage to the relay control electronics on the coil side when high voltage spikes arise on the contact side. Moreover, you no longer have to take additional and often expensive external measures to protect the control side.

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