28 April 2009

Laser beam products appoints Austalasian distributor

Laser Beam Products, the largest manufacturer of infra red mirrors in the UK, has appointed Melbourne based company Industrial Laser as their sole Australasian distributor.

Industrial Laser is a leading supplier to Australian and New Zealand industry and specialises in independent service and support to high power CO2 and YAG laser users - from supplying laser consumables to retrofitting new CNC’s and Lasers onto existing systems.

Industrial Laser has relied upon the technical know how of optical design and manufacture supplied by Laser Beam Products for almost two decades. However it is their interest in Laser Beam Products modeling software to calculate Gaussian laser beam propagation through optical systems that has cemented the relationship.

Developed by Laser Beam Products Managing Director Mark Wilkinson, this software is essential for adjusting and specifying beam expanders, and understanding how beam delivery optics affect the laser process. While utilizing the software puts Laser Beam Products ahead of the competition it is their unique ability to interpret the results which makes them stand out.

Richard Ladley, Technical Director of Industrial Laser, comments: “Mark is skilled in understanding how high power CO2 beams can be manipulated to generate the right size beam, in the right place, consistently across large working areas of flying optics cutting systems.”

Richard continues: “Laser Beam Products are easy to talk to about specialised one off optics and understand the laser users requirements across various fields - you know you are going to purchase an optic that works and when you are half a world away that counts for a lot.”

Mark comments: “It’s rewarding to work with somebody who has real “hands on” practical ability with lasers, and hard earned experience. Richard knows all about the parts we supply; and that attention to detail can only benefit his customers.”

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