20 May 2009

Top Marks for Top Labs

STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory has recently purchased a fiber Laser Marker System from Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd. The Sunx LP-V15U-C Laser Marker System from Panasonic has been installed at the highly advanced government funded research lab based in Didcot, Oxfordshire. The Laser Marker is being used to mark metal targets with traceability codes that will be used to track and trace their pioneering research into high power laser interactions. The Laser Marker is also being used to cut thin metal foils used for their advanced research.

Sunx Laser Markers from Panasonic were chosen ahead of the competition because of the superior beam quality generated by the state-of-the-art fiber source used exclusively in Sunx Fiber Amplified Ytterbium (FAYb) Laser Markers. This differs in many respects to the equivalent systems from most other suppliers in that the focus was on developing a system that produced excellent quality marking even at high speeds.

As a government funded institution STFC had to ensure that the Laser Marker and perhaps more importantly the technical support was ‘future proof’. Panasonic is one of the largest electronics companies in the world and is a market leader in both consumer and electrical products. In these uncertain economic times it is important to buy from well established companies that can ‘ride the storm’ and will be around in years to come to continue to offer expert technical support and service well into the future.

Along with Laser Markers, Panasonic Electric Works UK is a supplier of other Factory Automation equipment such as Machine Vision Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), Sensors, switches and indeed virtually any type of component used in a production environment. They are unique in that they are the only supplier to offer a full traceability solution from their entire product range. This has allowed them to gain expert knowledge on how to tailor make solutions to customer specific needs.

Mark Naples, Product Manager for Laser Marking Systems at Panasonic, said, “It was important to know the exact requirements of STFC before specifying which of our large range of products was most suited to the application. This involved working with STFC to develop the optimal settings for the materials by balancing out the laser power, galvo scan speed and pulse frequency.”

Sunx Laser Markers and the wider range of traceability products from Panasonic can be used in all sorts of production processes such as in the automotive, bottling/packaging and pharmaceutical industries. Sunx is the market leader in Asia for Laser Marking Systems and they look set to replicate this success throughout Europe.

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