22 May 2009

Laser beam products saves £££?s for customers with reworking service

15-18 June, Laser World of Photonics, Munich, Stand B1 - 639

Laser Beam Products, the largest manufacturer of infra red mirrors in the UK, has seen demand for repairing CO2 laser mirrors - that would have previously been thrown away - soar as result of the credit crunch.

Replacing mirrors, which have been damaged due to exposure to chemicals and harsh working environments, can be a costly exercise – but the reworking service offered by Laser Beam Products is saving customers thousands of pounds. Typically a company seeking to rework a damaged mirror can expect to pay anything from 20% of the cost of a brand new optic.

In a bid to highlight this unique service the Bedfordshire based company will be showcasing a range of ‘before’ and ‘after’ mirrors at The Laser World of Photonics Show in Munich this year. Many of these mirrors have been delivered to Laser Beam Products from across the globe and by utilising leading test equipment - including a phase shifting interferometer and measuring microscopes – the company can generally identify the original specifications of the part and restore them to look as good as new.

Laser Beam Products Managing Director Mark Wilkinson comments: “We have managed to rework nearly every mirror sent to us - and of course there are no problems in refitting the reworked mirror as it’s effectively the original part. Some customers processing difficult materials like plastic automotive trims have had the same mirrors reworked five or six times now. Businesses seeking ISO 14000 accreditation, have also seen the benefits for their environmental management.”
It’s not just lower power systems either, Laser Beam Products have reworked the entire optical system from a 25 Kilowatt CO2 welding laser. Mark continues: “That saved the customer thousands of pounds, but more importantly, some parts just weren’t available any more”.

“Outside of material processing, our mirrors are fitted in scientific equipment on an ocean going research vessel, investigating climate change. At the end of the voyage the mirrors which have been exposed to the atmosphere for long periods at sea are sent to us to rework, and then are reinstalled while the ship is in dock”.

Visitors to the exhibition using mid infra red sources such as Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) should seek out stand B1-369, Laser Beam Products will also be showcasing their unique range of Gold coated Copper mirrors, Molybdenum, and Tungsten mirrors. All these materials have excellent broad reflectivity across the mid infra red, and are resistant to the harsh environments such as gas sensing and infra red counter measures (IRCM) that QCL’s and similar sources are being developed for.

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