22 May 2009

Compact Power Monitor up 20 kW

Avoid any uncertainty at laser power
Laser power is the central figure characterizing the laser beam and controls the performance of material processing directly.

However, the power indicated at the laser doesn’t reach the work piece in any case. Absorption within the beam path at deffective components or changes within the calibration of the laser internal power meter may accor. Differences can be presented and documented easily with the CompactPowerMonitor (CPM). PRIMES calibration service ensures longterm accuray of the CPM.

The CPM joins high accuracy with compact design. PRIMES transferred here the precise and well established calorimetric principle in the power range from 50 W up to 20 kW. The CPM is designed with plane absorber for the NIR and with the conical absorber for highest power density up to 5 kW/cm² and the FIR – range. The CPM can even be driven with deionised water determinates the laser power with high accuracy even with up-to-date laser sources in the multi kilowatt range.

The CPM product group with plane absorber consists of: CPM-F-1up to 1.4 kW, the CPM-F-10 up to 10 kW and the CPM_F-20 up to 20 kW. Optional adapters for many standard fiber coupler are available ready to measure the output directform the fiber output.

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