4 June 2009

Laser Mechanisms To Introduce Their New FiberCut Processing Head During LASER 2009

Engineered for 3-dimensional robotic cutting with a fiber-coupled laser, FiberCut is a compact, low moving mass head that minimizes inertia transfer to the robot support arm. All connections to the head enter at a right angle, including the fiber, providing tight access to parts, easy cable routing and stress reduction on the input fiber. The FiberCut system consists of the cutting head, fiber collimator, linear drive with position measuring and an internal, low-noise height sense system that is insensitive to cutting plasma or piercing debris.

"With FiberCut we started with a clean sheet of paper and integrated everything we know about laser processing into its design," said Mark Taggart, Managing Director at Laser Mechanisms North America. "The end result is the best cutting head we've ever built, and we'll stack it up against any of our competitors heads for both its superior performance and outstanding value," added Taggart.

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