8 June 2009

Optimal laser marking of any plastic

The Trumpf TruMark Series 3000 and 6000 laser markers are able to meet the material requirements of the widest variety of plastics by using appropriate laser-active media and different wavelengths.
These systems are designed to be directly integrated into automated manufacturing lines and thanks to their small footprint they are ideal where space is at a premium. Open architecture allows quick and easy connection to existing control networks.

New additions to TruMark Series include the TruMark 3130 that is ideal for high precision applications such as day and night design. Cell phone key pads and illuminated switches in cars are good examples. This new model uses yttrium-vanadate as the laser active material making it suitable for the best possible high pulse frequencies from 30 to 100kHz. In this frequency range the TruMark 3130 exhibits exceptional pulse-to-pulse stability.

In common with all TruMark Series 3000 the TruMark 3130 is of modular construction. Scanner, laser head and power supply unit with hybrid cable simply plug-in, making integration simple and quick. Plug-in cards facilitate easy expansion of the control system and in comparison with the previous series, this new generation consumes about 80% less power. Thanks to an integrated cooling system it can also operate under ambient temperatures of up to 40°C.

Another new addition is the TruMark 6330 whose UV laser makes it ideal for marking flame resistant plastics. This model features a dual laser head system that sets new standards with its ability to mark at 2800 characters per second with a single-line font of 1mm character height. Adjustable power distribution and independent calibration of both scanner heads are further highlights of this system.

With decades of experience, Trumpf is the leading manufacturer of industrial solid-state lasers whose products are renowned for their stability, reliability and quality.

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