22 June 2009

Aerotech?s new brochure rewrites capabilities in laser processing and micromachining

Aerotech has released a new and substantially revised version of its Capabilities in Laser Processing and Micromachining brochure. Following the recent introduction of several new products and an ever increasing application expertise within the fast moving laser machining industry, the new brochure is bigger and more comprehensive than ever before and will serve as an excellent resource for all those seeking high-performance motion solutions for laser micromachining, cutting, welding, marking and engraving, drilling, ablation, cladding, and peening.

The 44 page, 10 section brochure is available in hard copy or as a downloadable PDF from the website. German and French language versions are also available.

Covering Aerotech’s broad range of motion control products for production, R&D, vacuum and clean room environments, the new Capabilities in Laser Processing and Micromachining brochure presents applications and solutions, standard range and customised product overviews, and company information.

Applications highlighted include cylindrical and rectangular tube processing, hermetic seam welding, fuel cell welding, solar cell manufacture, flat panel display manufacture and wide format laser marking. Each application is presented with an Aerotech solution which in many cases involves a combination of positioning mechanics, advanced motion controls and dedicated software commands that provide increased performance, improved parts accuracy and faster production. One such feature is Aerotech’s Position Synchronised Output (PSO) which precisely synchronises a multi-axis motion subsystem with laser firing to produce the highest quality parts with increased throughput.

Product overviews embrace Aerotech’s wide range of linear, gantry, rotary and goniometric stages - based upon drive and bearing technologies that suit the high demands of laser processing industry. Low cost servomotor/ballscrew driven positioning tables with linear motion guide bearings include side sealed protection systems, and Planar X-Y air bearing stages with direct-drive linear motors provide positioning resolution in the nanometre range.

Featured advanced motion controllers include the A3200 Digital Automation Platform - a software only PC based motion and machine controller for up to 32 axes of tightly synchronised motion with Firewire™ interfaced didtal drives. Aerotech’s Soloist™ and Ensemble™ ranges are single and multi axis motion controls featuring fast Ethernet synchronisation. All include advanced software for set-up, diagnostics and system performance optimisation.

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