22 June 2009

SPI Lasers unveil 5 new products at Laser 2009

SPI Lasers, a leading designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers, announces 5 new products that were unveiled at Laser World of Photonics 2009 15-18 June 2009. The launches cover all areas of SPI’s marking and micro-machining portfolio, including additions to the redENERGY series with a 40W pulsed fiber laser giving peak power in excess of 20kW and a new “single mode” laser ideal for fine machining and engraving. The redPOWER range is extended with a compact diode laser, a range of direct diode laser products and a mode engineered (M2=4) 400W CW/M laser to complement the fundamental mode laser recently released.

We are extremely pleased to announce the latest products that extend and enhance the portfolio into new applications. Fiber lasers have become widely accepted in industrial applications especially in current market conditions due to their energy efficiency leading to lower operating costs whilst still offering improved processing, reductions in cycle time and increase product yield.

David Parker, CEO of SPI Lasers added "As we further develop our understanding of the industrial laser market we can direct our engineering resource towards application specific solutions. SPI’s lasers have always led the market in breadth of capability within one box but the new product launches, with features such as application tailored beam quality, add a new capability that is focussed and specific. Our ability to do this follows significant investments in both application research and product engineering since the last laser show.

In addition to the continued application specific fiber laser developments from SPI is noteworthy that we are already exploiting the other technologies available to us following us joining the Trumpf Group last year”

New redEnergy products for Laser 2009
SPI’s redENERGY fiber lasers out-perform conventional lasers in marking applications on metal, plastic and other surfaces. They are ideal for a wide range of marking applications including black anneal colour marking on stainless steel, paint layer removal on mobile phone keypads and marking integrated circuits (ICs). The prime differentiator with SPI’s redENERGY lasers is the pulse operating range accessed through the 25 selectable waveforms giving a range from CW - 500 kHz. This provides users with the ability to tune peak power, pulse energy and pulse frequency for their application. SPI also offers tailored beam quality to meet specific marking and micromachining requirements.

Having selectable functionality and beam quality enables greater control of the energy input to the material being processed. Users benefit from being able to process a wider range of materials, with more accurate and higher contrast marks resulting in less damage to some of the more thermally sensitive substrates. Higher productivity can be achieved with repetition rates >100kHz where the higher spot over lap yields more continuous marked lines allowing users to use higher marking speeds.

To enhance the product range SPI is now introducing a 40W version of its higher moded laser with increased average power and peak pulse power of >20kW. It also provides unique pulse energy levels which exceed 1.25mJ. Applications for this laser include black anneal marking, high speed engraving and ‘broad brush’ materials processing.

“This laser will have wide appeal and be particularly well suited to engraving with its higher pulse energy. It is also suitable for high speed applications as a result of its ability to deliver >10kW peak power at repetition rates in excess of 200kHz” says Dr Jack Gabzdyl, SPI’s Product Line Manager.

Single Mode
For applications requiring higher precision and finer lines two new lasers with average powers of 12W and 20W and an M2 <1.3 are being introduced in the second half of 2009. The optimised beam profile is capable of achieving feature sizes of <25µm and is suitable for fine line marking and thin film patterning.

“Example applications include the photo-voltaic industry where narrower scribe lines will result in significant benefits in process efficiency” says Robin Bell, SPI’s Product Director

New redPOWER products at Laser 2009 - redPOWER 400W CW-M Low Moded Laser
SPI’s range of R4 CW-Modulated fiber lasers has been extended to include two new high power products with 400W capability.

The newly introduced 400W low moded laser offers the applications engineer a uniquely flexible capability to optimize the laser beam for a wide range of applications. Changing only the process optics the low moded beam shape can be optimized for both cutting and welding applications. The larger spot size range offered by the low moded beam quality and the flattened top profile preferred for many welding applications allow for improved process control coupled to relaxed fit-up tolerances. For all but the most demanding fine kerf cutting the beam quality of the laser produces high quality results in both thin and medium section metal cutting.

The low moded laser complements the single mode redPOWER 400W laser which maintains the fine feature capability and the high speed processing capability on both metals and ceramic materials in cutting, scribing and engraving applications. The extended R4 product range adds applications flexibility to the established advantages of the fiber laser compared with conventional laser sources such as >10x improvement in energy efficiency, lower cost of ownership and a significantly smaller footprint.

The new 400W compact OEM laser offers system integrators the capability to produce an in house fiber laser as a beam source for 2D/3D cutting and welding systems. The OEM laser is also designed to be a stackable component that can be beam combined to power scale up to multi-kW platform capability.

New redPOWER DIODE and redPOWER DIRECT product range

SPI is also introducing a range of redPOWER direct diode fiber coupled products. The redPOWER DIODE is a 60W 9xxnm module with class leading beam quality designed for applications including medical, plastics welding, laser soldering and pumping of fiber or disk lasers.

The redPOWER DIRECT product range are 9xxnm OEM laser module products in rack format with output powers in the range 60-400W. They are available in water-cooled or air-cooled formats and offer class leading beam quality delivered in an industry compatible fiber delivery cable. Key applications include plastics welding and laser soldering.

“The new redPOWER direct diode product range and the 400W low moded laser complement our established single-mode fiber laser products to extend our applications reach in the MICRO sector, whereas the 400W OEM laser provides the capability to power scale to the kW level and beyond,” said Andy Appleyard, Product Manager for High Power Lasers. “ Our aim is to give our customers a greater degree of choice in selecting the right product for their applications while maintaining the key differentiators such as high energy efficiency, high reliability, low maintenance and ease of operation that make our products the technology of choice for today’s laser based materials processing systems”

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