14 July 2009

ES Technology target new DILAS laser products at UK market

The recent Laser World of Photonics exhibition in Munich, presented the ideal venue for DILAS to showcase its extensive line of high power diode laser products. These latest innovations form DILAS are now available from ES Technology Limited, the United Kingdom distributor for the ever growing range of DILAS diode laser components.

Two-Bar, Fibre-Coupled, Multi-Bar Module
DILAS’ fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules are recognised for their industry leading brightness and power and also feature a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam. These fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules deliver 808nm and 976nm wavelengths at 80 watts output power and 1550nm at 30 watts, through a 400µm core diameter fibre with a low numerical aperture of <0.22 and WPE of >35%. This new housing meets customers demand for a small package and advanced features. The two-bar design is based on industry standard conductively-cooled bars, which can be cooled with industrial grade water or thermo electrical air-cooling.

QCW Fibre-Coupled, Multi-Bar Module
Based upon a highly reliable design, together with a compact footprint, DILAS’ fibre-coupled modules are the primary solution for defence, space and scientific applications. With the highest levels of brightness, power, and reliability, the new quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) fibre-coupled modules produce 500W from a 800µm core diameter having a numerical aperture of 0.22 and WPE of >30%.

300W - 976nm Fibre-Coupled, Multi-Bar Module
This fibre-coupled multi-bar module, delivers up to 300 watts output from a 200-micron fibre at 976nm. DILAS’ fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules have an enviable reputation for leading the industry in brightness and power Additional features of this product include a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam. These fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules deliver 300W through a cladding mode free QBH high-power 200µm core diameter fibre with a low numerical aperture of <0.20 and WPE of >35%.

High-Power Vertical Stacked Arrays
DILAS high-power vertical diode laser stacked arrays are available at 9xxnm wavelength with 150W output power. This water-cooled vertical stack is available with up to 30 stacked bars and with collimation for fast-axis as well as fast-axis and slow-axis configuration. Enduring the toughest conditions, the advanced housings and high-precision mountings for the optics provide full control allowing all beamlets to be parallel within +/- 3mrad and operate reliably.

Conduction-Cooled, Red Diode Laser Bars
DILAS’ conduction-cooled, visible diode laser bars cover wavelengths 632nm, 635nm, 638nm, 650nm and 677nm with optical CW output power between 4 watts to 20 watts. Available as fast-axis collimated hermetically sealed conduction-cooled or fibre-coupled module, these diode laser bars help facilitate novel applications like Cr3+LiCAF pumping, holography, illumination, medical and many others.

In addition to the distribution of DILAS laser products, ES Technology Limited also provides sub-contract laser marking services, after sales service and parts, sales and service for ULS flatbed CO2 lasers and the design and manufacture of laser marking systems. The company is also the United Kingdom and Ireland distributor for Concept Laser GmbH and their range of LaserCUSING® systems. The addition of these new DILAS products further enhances the portfolio of laser related products and services available from ES Technology.

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