10 August 2009

Lasermet?s new laboratories test laser output for retinal thermal and photochemical hazards

Lasermet’s new state-of-the-art testing and certification laboratories are the only facilities in the UK (other than the NPL) to be accredited by UKAS for the testing of laser and LED products.

The Lasermet team of expert testing and certification engineers is fully equipped to provide laser and LED manufacturers and scientists with a comprehensive, cost-effective certification service to meet all main laser safety standards.

The recognised fundamental standards governing the safety and classification of laser products in Europe and Internationally are the EN60825-1 and IEC60825-1 respectively.

One of the requirements for compliance with these standards is to assess the potential damage hazards caused by longer exposure times. In the visible range it is necessary to calculate, separately, both the retinal photochemical hazard and the retinal thermal hazard.

The Lasermet laboratories have dedicated facilities for undertaking these more challenging hazard measurements, in addition to all the other tests required by the standards.

They will provide a full test report for the appropriate standard(s), which includes details of measurement test results, Accessible Emission Limits, failure modes of the drive electronics and the requirements for engineering controls, labelling and information to be provided in user manuals and product brochures.

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