11 August 2009

New FP0R Compact PLC from Panasonic

The award winning FP0 PLC Series from Panasonic has a brand new range of controllers added to the series. The FP0R reflects the current line up of controllers, but with massive improvements in processing speed, memory capacity and communications features.

Processing speed has increased to 0.08μS/step from 0.9μS/step

Increased memory: The 32I/O models now boast 32K of program step capacity and 32K of 16 bit Data Register Memory.

Programming is via a high speed USB2.0 port. The standard RS232C Tool port can also be used for programming or general third party RS232C communications. The range still offers models with a further RS232C COM port.

Up to 6 high speed counters (50kHz) can be utilized together with up to 4 pulse output channels for 4 axis stepper/servo motor control. This is complimented by new positioning functions that are now available in addition to the existing library.

New communication protocols are supported including Modbus RTU(Master/Slave), CC-Link, our own C-NET and PLC Link and of course General PLC controlled ASCII communication.

Programming is via the latest version of our IEC61131 programming software, FPWIN-Pro Version 6.
Introductory models are available in various Starter kits which include a controller, programming software and leads. Price start from £135.

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