13 August 2009

Photonics KTN to merge with Displays & Lighting KTN

AILU is an active partner in the Photonics Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), one of a total of the 24 KTNs that have been established and running for the past few years. The KTNs are government funded and managed by the Technology Strategy Board.

With the aim of improving service delivery across all KTNs, the TSB has begun a process of consolidation,  reducing the number of KTNs from 24 to 15. As part of this process the Photonics KTN and the Displays & Lighting KTN, both of which address laser materials processing, will be merged into a new organisation, the Photonics and Plastic Electronics (PPE) KTN, with effect from 1 September 2009.

This is the first step in a merger of Photonics into a still larger KTN, to be completed by July 2010, which will combine the PPE KTN, Sensors and Instrumentation KTN, and the Electronics and Integrated Products Manufacturing KTNs.

Alastair Wilson, Director of the Photonics KTN, commented: "It is encouraging that the Photonics and Plastic electronics sectors provide so many solutions to challenging issues that are still high on international agendas. This is especially true of the “green agenda” of course, with photonics & plastic electronic-related technologies in pole position to reduce pollution and energy consumption – as well as to help meet the demand for renewable energy. The incredible diversity of applications for photonics & plastic electronics means that there are opportunities in many UK and European government level programmes."

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