27 August 2009

High brightness fiber-coupled diode lasers

IPG Photonics announced the availability of a 100 watt fiber-coupled laser diode, the most powerful high brightness single-emitter based laser diode.

"This new laser diode delivers up to 100W power out of a 105?m core diameter fiber with a numerical aperture lower than 0.12," said Dr. Alex Ovtchinnikov, IPG Photonics Corporation's vice president –
components. "It is assembled using IPG's long-life 90?m wide single-emitter chips and proprietary microoptics.

The wall-plug efficiency exceeds 50% due to nonsaturated mode of operation at a thermally conductive passive cooling. The package size is an order of magnitude smaller than similar devices on the market. Also taking in account the lowest cost per watt, the new PLD-100 series is well ahead in performance of any existing fiber-coupled laser diodes available in the market."

After release earlier in 2009 of the PLD-60 series with output power up to 60W in a 105?m core fiber, IPG now extends the power into the same fiber with the new PLD-100 series. The available choice of wavelength covers all 9xx nm spectral range. The product will be released for sale starting in Q4 2009.

Combining emission of these laser diodes, it is now possible to manufacture high power diode laser modules or complete system solutions with output powers up to multiple kWs out of a reasonably thin fiber with a narrow linewidth of emission. Such solution provides new opportunities for plastic and metal welding, brazing, cladding, medical and many other applications. It simplifies the pumping schematics of superpower fiber and disc lasers and opens opportunities for further achievements.
IPG's semiconductor products division is the world's largest vertically-integrated maker of high power single-emitter based laser diodes. Visit the company's website at

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