28 August 2009

A hundred watts from a single fibre

With features that include 100W of output from a single fibre optic and a divergence of less than 120 mrad, the performance of the new diode module from Trumpf is truly groundbreaking.

The passively cooled module is now the basis of the recently launched Trumpf TruDiode diode direct laser series. It generates a laser beam of the highest quality and as a result of this, even in the multi-kW range, the TruDiode laser is perfect for welding applications where lamp-pumped solid state lasers are currently used.

By comparison with the lamp-pumped alternatives, the TruDiode has a wall plug efficiency of 40% i.e. it is far better at converting electrical power into optical power. It also has a service life in the region of 50,000 hours. A further advantage of the diode module is its small size of just 8 x 6 x 3cm which allows it to be accommodated in systems where space saving is a pre-requisite.

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