8 September 2009

Aerotech capitalise on PRO series industrial-strength positioning stages with new Cartesius T-style robots

Aerotech has introduced a completely new line of Cartesian ‘T-style’ positioning robots based upon its PRO series medium precision linear positioning stages. The new range, named Cartesius, is a highly configurable positioning system with a single axis base and an open payload work area that suits many automation applications including pick and place, assembly, automated test and dispensing stations. Available in a wide choice of XY, XZ and XYZ configurations with travel up to 1.5 m x 0.5 m x 0.3 m and 3-axis load up to 25 kg, the range includes full chain cable management with motor and encoder connectors fitted for fast, trouble-free integration into the customers application.

The range covers numerous options for travel, load and speed performance up to 1.4 m/sec, with almost thirty individual linear stages available in standard and heavy-duty versions that combine in left hand and right-hand mounted Cartesius systems. Aerotech also offer customised systems that may include additional Z and rotary axes, adapter plates and customer pneumatics routing, or complete turnkey systems supplied with support structures and motion controls with built-in teach mode and application specific software functions.

Cartesius is based upon Aerotech’s PRO115, PRO165, and PRO225 Producer series stages which feature well proven hard cover/side-seal system protection and high-load capacity linear motion guide bearings with servomotor driven precision ballscrews for speeds to 1.4 m/sec and positioning repeatability to within +/- 1 μm. These features provide the basis for demanding manufacturing applications such as laser machining, automated welding and high speed pick and place where high throughput, long life and minimal maintenance and are of prime importance.

The PRO115 and PRO165 stages have nominal widths of 115 mm and 165 mm and are mainly used for medium-load, standard-duty Cartesius applications. The wider PRO225 with its larger bearing cross-section and 225 mm supporting width is used to provide the additional load capacity for heavy-duty use, and all stages have a choice of 5 mm or 20 mm pitch ballscrews to suit medium and high speed positioning.

The PRO series features modular interfacing with mounting holes in the base accessible from the outside of the stage for straightforward integration and assembly in multi-axis systems. Individual axis travel ranges are from 50 mm to 1500 mm. Tabletop hole patterns also allow direct attachment of Aerotech’s ADRS and ACS-LP series low profile, direct-drive rotary stages.
For applications where higher levels of precision and load carrying capability are required, Aerotech also supply an extensive range of gantry style positioning systems with fully supported parallel lower axes. Several ranges are available with a choice of linear motion guide and air bearing technologies, and with brushless direct drive linear motors and high accuracy linear encoders for sub micron positioning applications in 24/7 high-throughput manufacturing.

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