9 September 2009

An economical introduction to laser marking - The TruMark 3010 marking laser from TRUMPF

The TruMark 3010 provides TRUMPF’s tried-and-trusted laser marking technology at an eminently affordable price It is the ideal starter model for those who need to mark small batches or individual workpieces and is characterized by its user-friendliness.

The TruMark 3010 diode-pumped solid state laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm is the newest member of the TruMark Series 3000. Thanks to the new NAVIGATOR software, even users without special laser expertise can perform high-quality laser marking on metals and plastics. Using the intuitive menu navigation, users select their materials and the desired marking process. The laser subsequently creates a test matrix from different marking fields from which the user selects the one that achieves the best result. NAVIGATOR then determines the optimal laser settings for marking, such as pulse frequency, pulse power or scanner speed. Once this is done, the machine can begin marking the workpiece. With the NAVIGATOR software, users can achieve excellent marking results quickly and easily.

Easy to integrate
In common with all lasers in the TruMark series, the convection air-cooled TruMark 3010 has a modular and compact design. Scanner, laser head and power supply are connected via a hybrid cable so that the marking laser can be easily integrated into existing production systems. For customers who want to conserve space or who need a mobile marking system, the TruMark 3010 can be combined with the TruMark Station 1000 workstation. It can also be integrated into the TruMark Station 5000 and the TruMark Station 7000.

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