11 September 2009

New SUNX SF4-C Ultra Slim Safety Light Curtain

A new series of Safety Light Curtain from SUNX has now been introduced offering a device with one of the thinnest profiles in the industry. This can offer a 12% increase in work space compared to earlier standard models.

The SF4C series is made of resin that is approx. 45 % lighter than the conventional aluminum case types. Its lightweight body eases the burden on the mounting surface of the equipment and contributes to overall reduced weight during equipment transportation or overseas shipment.
Bright LED indicators located in the center of both sides of each light curtain can be illuminated green or red by using external inputs. Therefore there is no need for setting up of separate indicators, so that equipment is consolidated.

The light curtain has a built-in muting control function that causes the line to stop only when a person passes through the light curtain, and does not stop the line when an object passes through. The muting sensors and muting lamps can be connected directly to the light curtain.

Furthermore, the large multi-purpose indicators can be used as muting lamps, which contribute to less wiring troubles, improvement of safety and productivity, and cost reduction.

The beam channels of the light curtain are displayed in four blocks so that incident light position is shown at a glance. When the beam channel at the bottommost channel (or topmost channel), which is used as a reference for beam-axis alignments, is correctly aligned, the LED blinks red. After this, each block lights red as the beam axes successively become aligned. When all channel beam axes are aligned, all LEDs light green.

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