22 September 2009

The new YW52 high-power Welding Head

The integrated WobbleTracker welds seams that are exactly positioned and only as wide as necessary!
Welding variable joint positions is a challenge which not every welding head can master. The tools of choice here are intelligent welding heads. They measure the position of the joint in order to place the weld seam at the correct position. Every welding task also requires a spot size that is adapted to the application - and the effective width of the laser beam can be flexibly optimised from one seam to another, ensuring a stable process. The weld seam width is thus only as wide as necessary, enabling the highest possible welding speeds.

On the fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN Precitec shows for the first time the YW52 high power welding head with controlled welding position and weld width. All the functions for it are fully integrated into the new YW52 welding head, without the need for additional external sensors, cameras or external linear positioning drives. The WobbleTracker uses the welding optics to coaxially measure the joint only a few millimeters in front of the TCP. The position acquired is immediately transferred to the controllable deflection mirror (also fully integrated) and a pre-selected Wobble amplitude and frequency is then overlaid. The minimum pre-process times (less than one tenth of a second) and the optimal distribution of the energy input per unit length over the weld seam width guarantee short cycle times in a fully optimised process.
Based on the modular concept of the YW30 Welding Head, the YW52 is designed to operate with maximum aperture and minimal overall size and is suitable for use with fibre, disk or diode lasers in the high power segment. In the basic version, the head is inexpensively priced, and its range of functions can be expanded to match the requirements of customer-specific applications. All well-known pre-process, in-process and post-process modules by Precitec can be integrated for fully automated production.

Quality-assured laser beam welding
The combination of quality monitoring systems and processing heads provides a complete solution for highly-automated processing. One example of Precitec's extensive experience in laser joining with concerted process assurance and monitoring of quality is the welding of power train parts with the SOUVIS® 5000 system. The inspection head can be automatically switched from the preceding operation mode (for highly accurate control of the laser beam) to the succeeding measurement of the seam position and quality. Circumferential weld seams allow correlating the joint position to the seam position and therefore the system detects lack of fusion caused by faulty seam positioning even on seams with perfect appearance. These new functions are to be seen live on our exhibition stand.

2D and 3D laser cutting with solid-state lasers
The new HP SSL Cutting Head is ideal for the use in flat bed systems and pipe-cutting machines with fibre-coupled lasers and laser power up to 6 kW. Modelled on the design of the successful and reliable HP series, the HP SSL has integrated distance sensors with extremely durable stability and a monitored protective window cartridge, which extends the life of the optics. The piercing sensor integrated into the new model considerably accelerates the cutting process. Pre-programmed waiting times at the beginning of the cutting procedure are shortened - the cutting process can now start directly after piercing. Motorised focal position adjustment enables the cutting of different sheet thicknesses within the same cycle - manual intervention is no longer necessary. The replacement of lenses for various focal lengths is fast and easy thanks to preadjustable cartridges. The mechanical interface is also the same for all HP1.5" Cutting Heads and this enables simple changing between CO2 lasers and fibre-coupled solid-state lasers.

The YRC Cutting System is the result of Precitec's many years of experience in laser cutting. The fast-reacting distance sensors with integrated height adjustment guarantee constantly high cutting quality at high speeds - even in the case of complex moulded components. The lenses are dust-proof sealed and the optical path is completely sealed - an absolute prerequisite for long-life optical components. The system is already used by well-known automotive companies, supply companies and job shops. The YRC system has a wide range of applications, including the cutting of holes in finished bodies and cross members of a vehicle or the cutting of hot-formed steel and hydro-formed profiles.

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