28 September 2009

Lasermet?s new test and certification laboratories provide accurate, cost-effective calibration of laser power meters

New state-of-the-art laboratories form part of Lasermet’s continued expansion
as the UK’s leading provider of a complete range laser safety services, products and training.

These new facilities now include dedicated automated equipment for the testing and calibration of laser power meters. Calibration standards, directly traceable to the NPL, combined with Lasermet’s expertise and rigorous practice, offer customers calibrations accurate to within +/- 3% for all common wavelengths from 400nm to 10.6 microns.
Technical Director Robert Wells, who has managed the Lasermet test and certification laboratories since 2003, explains:
“We have invested a good deal of time and money having all our standards calibrated directly against those at the NPL, thereby avoiding the possibility of introducing errors through further cross-calibration. I am delighted that, increasingly, our customers are seeing us as a highly cost-effective, accurate and traceable calibration service for their laser power meters.”

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