2 October 2009

LVD offers new Compact Material Storage and Retreival Tower for Select Laser Cutting SystemsS

Gullegem, Belgium -- LVD Company n.v. introduces a cost-effective compact material storage and retrieval tower for select models of its CO2 laser cutting systems. Designed as affordable mid-level automation, the space-saving system provides increased productivity by allowing optimal material flow and unattended operation with uninterrupted processing of high-quality laser cut parts.

The CT- tower system provides full capabilities for loading, unloading, and storage of raw material and finished parts, thus enabling automated production from stored raw material to stacked finished parts, as well as providing increased storage capacity. The unit facilitates unmanned, “lights out” production in a compact cell environment.
LVD’s compact tower is offered in four configurations: 4-pallet, 6-pallet and 10-pallet units. The system handles workpieces as large as 3050 x 1525 mm and material thicknesses up to 20 mm with a maximum load/unload pallet storage capacity of 3000 kg.

Pallet construction is engineered for compact setup and safe forklift manipulation. Spreading magnet, air gun, and peeling cylinder sheet separation devices are used to prevent loading of more than one sheet at a time and effectively separate sheets for automatic loading.
The compact tower is offered for Orion 3015 Plus and Sirius 3015 Plus laser cutting systems. Both laser systems are engineered as automation-ready and can be easily integrated or retrofitted with the tower unit.

The LVD Group is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of sheet metal/plate working machine tools and software solutions, including laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and mid-level automation systems, integrated and supported by its CADMAN® PC-based Windows® compatible software.

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