29 October 2009

A new versatile optical table containment system from Laser Physics

Laser Physics, a UK distributor for laboratory laser safety solutions have brought a new and exciting optical bench laser safety system to Europe, the Kentek Table Guard Barrier System TM is now available. Highly configurable, the system can be fitted to any optical bench in standard configuration or a customised layout, with options suitable for both imperial and metric optical tables.

Panels comprise of the very successful Kentek EverGuard barrier system or acrylic viewing windows.
The EverGuard panel utilises the latest techniques for absorbing and diffusing the laser beam with a black anodised surface & light-diffusing texture.

BS EN 12254 :1998 tested and rated at over 1200 watts/cm2 for at least 3 minutes
Acrylic windows, appropriate for your laser, provide ideal viewable window protection, workstation viewing ports, and optical table enclosures. Benefits include durability and scratch-resistance with excellent optical clarity.

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