6 November 2009

New ANT95 NanoTranslation series launches with single axis and integrated X-Y stage versions for nanometre level, high speed positioning

Aerotech’s ANT series linear positioning stages have long been synonymous with exceptional submicron accuracy and nanometre resolution positioning for high throughput production and test applications such as optical device and sensor manufacture or ultra smooth and precise scanning processes. Now, Aerotech has released its new and improved ANT95 NanoTranslation series which include single axis and integrated dual axis stages that offer 25 mm and 50 mm travel ranges with 1 nanometre resolution and a choice of ±3.0 microns or ±250 nanometres certified accuracy classes.

The highly developed stage design is based on an advanced anti-creep cross roller bearing system, direct-drive brushless linear servomotor and 40 MHz encoder processing which combine with real-time axis calibration to provide major dynamic performance advantages over conventional lead screw and ceramic motor driven stages. The ANT95 NanoTranslation series provides jitter-free 3.0 nanometre in-position stability with maximum stage speeds up to 500 mm/sec and acceleration to 5g, to realise unprecedented production throughput possibilities.

The durable aluminium black hardcoat finish body provides high stability and with best-in-class specifications for straightness, flatness, pitch, yaw and roll these NanoTranslation stages return a bi-directional repeatability of ±100 or ±50 nanometres over the two accuracy classes.

The new single axis stage, the ANT95-L, has a payload of up to 7 kg for the 50 mm travel version and with improved mounting hole interfacing and a range of adapter plates, is easily assembled into multi axis positioning systems with other ANT95 NanoTranslation stages - or other vertical, rotary and goniometric translation stages from Aerotech.

The dual X-Y version, the ANT95-XY, is a three-piece design with up to 6 kg load capacity which at just 60 mm overall height provides a low profile solution. The dual axis stage has the same mounting hole patterns as the single axis version and also shares adapter and breadboard mounting plates for ionterfacing the customer application. Both single and dual-axis ANT95 NanoTranslation stages include cable management.

The ANT95 NanoTranslation series is supplied complete with Aerotech motion controllers and servo amplifiers to realise such high performance specifications. Users may choose A3200+Npaq or Ensemble™ series for multi-axis set-ups or Soloist™ series for single axis applications. To achieve such high levels of precision, positioning resolution and in-position stability Aerotech recommends its linear servo amplifier technology which provides unsurpassed linearity and wide bandwidth plus very low jitter, zero crossover distortion and ultra-quiet EMC characteristics. PWM amplifier options are also available for less demanding levels of accuracy, resolution and precision.

Aerotech’s A3200 Automation Platform is a PC-based software-only controller with IEEE-1394 Firewire® protocol networking that delivers fully deterministic, high-speed, distributed control in combination with Aerotech’s Ndrive digital servo amplifiers. The A3200 includes machine control modules for HMI, Vision and PLC which may be integrated into the customers’ application. Aerotech’s Ensemble™ is a fully integrated desktop or 19 inch rack mounted motion control and drive system with Ethernet and USB for up to 9 axes of motion and machine control. The single axis Soloist is a panel mount integrated motion control and servo amplifier.

All motion controllers offer a wide selection of diagnostic, commissioning and programming options including Aerotech’s own AeroBASICTM, Visual Basic® C, C++, with higher levels Windows® based ActiveX components with C++, VB and .NET class libraries to enhance programming capabilities and system integration.

All Aerotech motion systems are delivered fully tested and pre-commissioned with set-up parameters pre-loaded into the controller. Documentation and test calibration information is also included, helping to make installation and commissioning straightforward - reducing development times and ensuring that the total cost of ownership for Aerotech systems is extremely competitive.
Contact: Cliff Jolliffe

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