13 November 2009

Aerotech's new ANT130-L series expands nano Motion Technology (nMT) range with higher load/longer travel linear stages

Aerotech has added a further ANT series linear positioning stage series to its ultra-high precision nano Motion Technology (nMT) range. The new ANT130-L brings higher load capacity and increased travel of up to 160 mm but maintains the nMT range hallmark characteristics of exceptional precision, rapid acceleration, high speed and 1 nanometre resolution - all prerequisites for today’s high throughput alignment and measurement applications involving large area nanometre level structures.
The ANT130-L employs a similar advanced design to other ANT (Aerotech NanoTranslation) series linear stages benefiting from anti-creep cross roller bearings, a centre driven brushless/non-cogging linear servomotor and 40 MHz linear encoder processing. With zero-backlash and no hysterisis, this friction free drive method is combined with real-time axis calibration using a choice of Aerotech’s motion controllers to provide dynamic performance advantages and improved precision over traditional lead screw and ceramic motor driven stages.

The ANT130-L has a nominal width of 130 mm and is available in four travel ranges of 35 mm, 60 mm, 110 mm and 160 mm - each with a choice of two certified accuracy grades between ±2 microns and ±250 nanometres to suit high- or ultra-high precision performance. In-position stability is measured at just 3 nanometres; positioning resolution is 1 nanometre and repeatability to 50 nanometres. In terms of speed and acceleration the ANT130-L returns up to 350 mm/sec and 1g. All other stage characteristics including straightness, flatness, pitch, roll and yaw fully complement the uncompromising specifications for the range which are comprehensively documented on Aerotech’s website or available in detailed data sheets from Aerotech’s sales offices.

The robust aluminium two piece stage includes a durable black hardcoat finish to provide high stability with a load carrying capacity of up to 12 kg across the range. Exceptionally long working life with minimum maintenance is assured with non-contacting linear servomotors and encoders plus a unique moving magnet track design that eliminates the need for cable management - leading to an impressive 30,000 hour MTBF life specification.

The ANT130-L may be supplied as a single axis solution or with other Aerotech ANT series high precision stages for complete multi axis systems along with goniometric, rotary and vertical translation stages.

To achieve such high performance specifications for the ANT range, Aerotech recommends the supply of positioning mechanics complete with a choice motion controls and servo drives to suit application requirements. Options include the A3200 Automation Platform with Npaq drives or the Ensemble™ series for multi-axis positioning systems and the Soloist™ series for single axis applications. A choice of servo drive technologies includes PWM amplifier stages for highest dynamic performance, but for best in-position stability and ultimate overall performance Aerotech has developed its own wide bandwidth linear servo amplifier technology for exceptionally low jitter, zero crossover distortion and ultra-quiet EMC characteristics.

Aerotech’s PC-based A3200 Automation Platform is a software-only multi axis controller with machine control modules for HMI, Vision and PLC for up to 32 axes. The fully deterministic, high-speed architecture is based on the IEEE-1394 Firewire® protocol network delivering distributed and tightly synchronised motion and I/O control in combination with Aerotech’s Ndrive digital servo amplifiers. For a fully integrated desktop or 19 inch rack mounted motion control solution, Aerotech’s Ensemble™ combines up to 9 axes of motion and machine controls with Ethernet and USB. Soloist™ is a single axis panel mount integrated motion control and servo amplifier which may be networked for multi-axis applications with full I/O sequencing.

All Aerotech motion controllers feature software commands that are designed to optimise performance along with diagnostic, commissioning and programming options which include AeroBASICTM, Visual Basic® C, C++, with higher levels Windows® based ActiveX components with C++, VB and .NET class libraries.

Aerotech motion systems are delivered with documentation and test calibration information included, and supplied fully tested and pre-commissioned with set-up parameters pre-loaded into the controller.


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