13 November 2009

Pro-Lite Launches High Power Blue Diode Laser Module

Pro-Lite has added a 20mW version of its 488nm ChromaLase™ II diode laser module from Blue Sky Research. The ChromaLase II 488 employs a blue laser diode conveniently packaged in a rugged module with integrated electronics for laser drive, power level control, diode protection and with direct modulation capability.

The ChromaLase™ II 488 laser incorporates a blue semiconductor laser diode that has been equipped with a proprietary Blue Sky micro lens (μLens). The μLens shapes and corrects the inherent defects in the light from a normal semiconductor laser. The integrated beam correction results in a near-perfect Gaussian and circular beam shape and also helps correct the wavefront distortions inherent in laser diodes. This makes the ChromaLase a perfect choice for high performance applications, and avoids the extra cost and complexity of external beam conditioning optics that are employed with normal diode lasers.

ChromaLase laser modules are available with outputs in the violet (405nm), blue (488nm), green (532nm) and red (635nm) and are complete, stand-alone lasers – everything that you need to operate the laser from a simple 12 Volt DC supply is integrated within the laser module. The laser is temperature stabilised with a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and the integrated controller includes laser driver, output power stabilisation, power level control, reverse and over voltage protection, fast transient and ESD suppression.

ChromaLase™ II diode laser modules are ideal for a multitude of applications in analytical science, biotechnology and life sciences including flow cytometry, and confocal microscopy.

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