17 November 2009

SCANLAB announces first delivery of the intelliSCANde 14

SCANLAB has delivered the first production lot of digital-encoder-based intelliSCANde 14 scan systems for integration into manufacturing tools. The intelliSCANde 14 is a completely digital scan head featuring a digital encoder for position feedback, iDRIVE-based digital control electronics and a 20-bit, SL2-100 control interface. An ideal choice for high precision machining, the intelliSCANde 14 has been designed for applications requiring scan head speed and precision approaching high-end XY stages.

The exceptionally low drift of the intelliSCANde 14 enables tiling in highest precision applications, reducing the need of additional inspection or re-adjustment throughout the process. The intelliSCANde 14 has no “visible” dither and features perfect line straightness achieved with very high 20-bit position resolution. With a tracking error of only 130 µsec the intelliSCANde 14 rivals the fastest existing high-speed scan heads and allows highest processing speeds without burn-in effects.

The intelliSCANde 14 is mechanically and electrically fully compatible to SCANLAB’s existing hurrySCAN II 14 and intelliSCAN 14 scan head series and is available for a wide range of laser processing setups.

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