3 December 2009

Rofin's welding solutions go down to the wire

In September 2006, Rofin-Baasel UK started supplying laser welding wire consumables to customers within the United Kingdom and Ireland who use the company’s lasers for injection mould tool repair, jewellery manufacturing and spectacle frame repair.

At the time this may have been perceived as just a logical extension of Rofin’s philosophy of providing a total solution. However, the result for their customers has been a significant improvement in technical support, shorter delivery times and a reduction in price of over 50% in many cases.

Rofin-Baasel UK’s original strategy prior to September 2006, was to recommend wire suppliers to customers when they placed the order for their laser. It soon became apparent however that customers were reluctant to deal with wire suppliers based outside of the UK, often finding it difficult to obtain the technical help they required in a timely fashion.

With customer support and satisfaction the prime objective for Rofin-Baasel UK, the company started to look into the possibility of supplying a range of wire consumables alongside the lasers. This exercise also revealed the potential for Rofin-Baasel UK to provide their customers with the same products, in many cases at less than half the price which they were currently paying. Today, with more than 25 customers in the UK and Ireland, the company has supplied in excess of 20 km of welding wire in diameters from 0.18 mm (for finest laser welding) to 2.38 mm (for TIG welding).

Rofin-Baasel UK uses different suppliers for tool repair wires and precious metals allowing the best product to be sourced and supplied at the best price. The most commonly used wire types and diameters are shipped ex-stock with non-stocked items being delivered to customers in less than 5 days.

The range of products available is extensive, with over 20 different materials in many diameters, including tool steels, stainless steels, Al, Ni, Ti and Cu together with other commonly used alloys. For jewellery customers Rofin offer a starter pack of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum wires in 0.25 mm diameter.

By working with customers at this level, Rofin-Baasel UK has acquired in-depth knowledge of the materials being used and how they are applied to the various laser welding tasks. A further benefit has been the ability to assess the quality of the initial training provided to customers at the time they purchased their laser welder.

Now, in the fourth year since starting this initiative, the company continues to see consistent year-on-year growth in sales of these consumables.
Rofin offers a complete range of lasers including CO2, Vanadate and Fibre Lasers. Rofin also provides solutions for laser marking and cutting applications.

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