11 January 2010

Two orders valued at over 2 million dollars received in early December by Laserdyne Systems

As another sign that the application of laser processing in the global turbine engine manufacturing business is expanding, Prima North America’s Laserdyne Systems announced two new orders received in early December for Laserdyne 795 multi-axis laser systems.

“The first order is from a Russian turbine engine manufacturer new to laser processing, and the second is from an American aerospace engine manufacturer who is adding to their existing Laserdyne Systems equipment,” reports Terry VanderWert, president of Prima North America. “Combined with several similar orders announced earlier in 2009, we have confidence supported by customer orders that the worldwide turbine engine business is not only alive and well but also growing. Reflected in these orders is the fact that component and OEM manufacturers are responding to the need for the latest multi-axis laser technology. Older technology used in earlier generations of Laserdyne Systems equipment no longer fulfills the demanding production and quality requirements of the newest engine designs and for refurbishing existing engines. This is evidence again that new and existing customers are recognizing the benefits of Laserdyne’S long list of developments and have come to view the features of our systems as the standard for our industry.”

Both recent orders, with a total value exceeding $2 million, are for Laserdyne 795 XS (X=1m, Y=1m, and Z=1m) systems equipped with BeamDirector and CL50k lasers to be used for a variety of laser drilling applications.

“The CL50k laser features were key to securing these orders because of its unique ability to systematically control hole size without operator guesswork,” reported Mr VanderWert. “Also, our customers are interested in Laserdyne Systems research showing that the same system with a single laser that is used for ‘conventional’ cylindrical holes will soon be used for shaped hole production as well. Shaped holes, when used in properly designed components, result in fewer holes required to accomplish a superior result. Fewer holes means shorter production cycle times, lower production costs, and a lower cooling air requirement. When put into practice, this results in a more efficient and cost effective engine brought about by Laserdyne Systems shaped hole technology,” Mr. VanderWert stated.

The CL50k laser allows for high speed hole drilling on the fly with many exclusive Laserdyne features including the patented Optical Focus Control (OFC), Breakthrough Detection (BTD), and CylPerf programming at normal, minor, shallow and compound angles. Putting this software to use in combination has helped major turbine engine manufacturers maintain ±2% airflow on new generation of components where ± 10% had been the norm.

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