19 January 2010

Laser based Sensing in an M18 housing

Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd now offers a range of M18 style Photo Electric Sensors using visible Laser light as its light source.

The highly visible laser light (class 1) allows the sensor to be easily aligned and due to the small beam size can detect objects accurately. Housed in the industry standard M18 package the sensors are available in two formats, axial and radial. The radial versions allow the sensor to be mounted at 90º to the sensing plane.

Plastic and Metal versions are available with either a 2m cable or M12 connector and offer the following sensing types are available

  • Thru-beam Range Radial: 50m Axial: 60m
  • Retroreflective Range Radial: 9m Axial: 16m
  • Reflective Range Radial: 250mm Axial: 350mm

The supply voltage range is 10-30VDC and both PNP and NPN outputs are available, capable of switching up to 100mA. Environmental protection is to IP67 with an operating temperature range of -10º to 50ºC.

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