28 January 2010

Laser Optics and Power Measurement tools for High Power lasers

Handheld Laser Probe for High Power Lasers
With a response time of 4 times less than the competition, the NEW Gentec model FLASH Handheld Laser Probes, capable of measuring up to 500W or 3kW of Average Power, will offer you the ability to carry out more measurements in less time. The 5-6 seconds (500W model) or 10-12 seconds (3kW model) required for a single measurement allows for a short cooling time, so readings can be taken in quick succession. The Flash also comes with an automated hands-free operation capability.

Wide range of operation: With a low noise level (0.1W) you can accurately measure down to 2W (500W model), so the FLASH is all you need for low and mid-power lasers;

  • Large Aperture: The 55mm diameter sensor will enable you to measure both small or unfocussed larger beams, giving you more flexibility;
  • Custom calibration: You are no longer limited to YAG & CO2 calibration. Choosing the calibration wavelength between 250-2500nm & 10,600nm means you can rely on the accuracy of a real, traceable calibration.
  • Competitive Price: The FLASH is priced very competitively. You can carry out the calibration yourself to save more money.
  • Precise: with a NIST traceable calibration of +/- 3% (500W) and +/- 6% (3kW) is the most accurate handheld power meter on the market. It also separates itself from the competition with a superior power linearity;
  • Rugged: Designed to be used in hostile working environments with its all-metal body, the FLASH establishes itself as the toughest and most rugged product of its kind. With proper maintenance you can ensure it will remain in service for a long time.

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Precision Measurement Tools for High Power Lasers
The new High Power 3kW & 10kW Series from Gentec-EO represents a step forward in High Power Measurement and ideal for use with CO2 Lasers. These are heavy duty solutions, with a high accuracy and a very stable power measurement. Both models are equipped with Gentec-EO’s legendary absorber to provide you with the best damage thresholds on the market.

  • High Damage Thresholds;
  • Large Apertures (60 mm and 70 mm Ø);
  • Compatible with Gentec’s full portfolio of monitors;
  • Can be Connected Directly to Your PC Via USB;
  • Less Sensitive to Variations in Water Cooling Temperature;
  • The Conical Shape of the 10kW detector Prevents Unwanted Specular Back Reflections.

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