28 January 2010

Newport Announces the ACWS - Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic Solutions to Make, Manage and Measure Light®, introduces the compact, ultra quiet (30dB(A) at 1 ft.) ACWS Air Compressor. The ACWS is clean, portable, and more convenient than bottled air supplies. The fast-filling, economical ACWS can supply air to any Newport IsoStation™ workstation or SmartTable™ OTS® system. The supply tank is large enough to supply air for up to three workstations, making the ACWS a very economical choice for new labs or for upgrading existing nitrogen-bottle configurations. The ultra-quiet compressor operates intermittently, based on air usage, and is monitored by a sensor that maintains the reserve tank’s preset minimum pressure. All required hardware, i.e. the safety valve, gauges, outlet port, fittings, and drain, comes standard. The ACWS package also includes a high-grade 5-micron air filter/regulator to complete the system. For higher-capacity needs, Newport offers the ACGP which offers the same ultra-quiet performance for larger isolator systems such as the recently introduced, high performance S-2000 Stabilizer™ family of isolators.

For more information on Newport’s ultra quiet ACWS air compressor, visit the web address below:

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