10 February 2010

Repair industrial and scientific laser mirrors

With over 20 years hands-on experience and a highly skilled in-house team of designers and engineers, Laser Beam Products can repair your Copper or Silicon mirrors so that they are as good as new and save you the cost of a replacement.

  • Particularly cost-effective if you have water-cooled, large or unusual shaped mirrors.
  • We can coat your used mirrors for cavity use, beam delivery or phase retarders.
  • Contribute towards ISO14000 certification by recycling valuable materials such as Copper and Silicon.
  • No costs are incurred until we receive your purchase order.

Simply contact us giving as much information as possible about your mirrors and we will do the rest.
Once we have received your mirrors we will examine and test them free of charge and provide you with a quotation for repair. We will only supply the mirrors back to you if their condition is as good as new.

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