10 February 2010

SCANcube 8.5 - Compactly Dimensioned for Fiber Lasers

SCANLAB’s successful, ultra-compact SCANcube series now offers the SCANcube 8.5, a scan head featuring the company’s new dynAXIS T galvanometer scanners. Marking systems based on fiber lasers particularly benefit from this new 8.5 mm aperture.

Optimized for the superior beam quality of the fiber laser, the 8.5 mm aperture is the perfect size for easy alignment and good focusability using f-theta objectives commonly used for marking applications. Compared with the SCANcube 7 the SCANcube 8.5 allows a nearly 50% higher power density in the laser focus while matching the marking speed of the SCANcube 7, a perfect combination for applications requiring shortest marking times. This level of performance is only possible by fundamental motor-technology advances embodied in SCANLAB’s dynAXIS T galvanometer.

Moreover – as with all SCANcube scan heads – the SCANcube 8.5 is equipped with an extremely robust, sealed, exceptionally compact housing. At just 3.5 inches at the longest side and a volume of just about 0.5 liters, the SCANcube 8.5’s electrical and mechanical connections are compatible with those of the SCANcube 7.

Conceptualized for the fiber laser, the SCANcube 8.5 is available in many wavelengths and can be controlled with SCANLAB’s RTC PC interface boards or stand-alone boards.

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